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For months, nay years, we’ve been walking past the work in progress that has become Trix – deriding and speculating about what looked to be a most bizarre labor of love.

We’d spy an old guy hammering tin for weeks at a time, witnessed the sidewalk get caged in by bars, saw a stained glass window go in touting the words “go go”?

One day, sometime in year two, a small hand written sign appeared on store front eliciting help in typing a short story and we couldn’t help but wonder, what was going on with this place?

We saw innumerable places open, some even open and close by the time Trix was ready for the public and when that day finally came, we knew we had to stop in during a recent date night.

We were expecting it to be weird and it is – really weird. Like, can’t really be described weird.

It looks like an unfinished set inspired by cinema of the late 80’s and early 90’s (Beetlejuice and Cool World perhaps). There’s a mixture of the building’s history as a go-go club (hence the sign and stripper murals), art nouveau, and folksy crafts, all conjured up by the mind and artisan-ship of one particular and peculiar vision.

From a spider web sculpture above the bar to a creepy portrait of a woman that reminds me of the portrait of a dead wife one might find in a haunted house movie from the 70’s (see yawning Jim photo below), the decor is confused and bizarre.

We were thoroughly expecting to hate the place, honestly. I thought we’d share a joke about “Trix” and call it a night, but as strange as the place is, it’s also incredibly inviting, mellow, got an interesting cocktail (I had something with bison vodka and blackberries) and beer menu, and serves some of the finest, biggest oysters I’ve had in a while. Even our friends, Mike and Shaun, far harsher critics than we are enjoyed their visit.

Word is that all the food is good, and they serve brunch every single day – which is pretty genius in a neighborhood of the willfully unemployed.

The staff genuinely seems happy to be there and happy you’ve come in. To my utter surprise, I am looking forward to going back and maybe getting brunch next time.

Long live Trix! It took so long to come to the neighborhood, I hope more people discover it like I have so it sticks around. It’s not “cool” but it’s also not obnoxious like some “cool” places can get.

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Posted on June 25, 2011

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