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guns n roses tribute bandFirst I have to say that if anyone sees that a Judas Priest or Alice Cooper tribute band is playing in the city they need to notify me immediately. With that out of they way, what better way to relive the good old days of heavy and hair metal than a tribute band? My only experience with a tribute band was accidentally going to a bar after my college graduation where a Pantera cover band was playing.

Let's just say it didn't turn me on to the world of tribute bands, but after seeing photos of acts like Rock Valentine, and Pink Steel (which is not technically a tribute band) I think we should all give it a try. Before handing over your money look at the photos first however (which might be hard because it looks like a lot of these guys couldn't keep paying their website bills), because to be honest some of these bands do not look like they can rock, and some totally do.

If you prefer new and original stuff, I can recommend Early Man and Motherboar.

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Posted on July 17, 2006

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