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nybg train showThe New York Botanical Gardens, which are magnificent in scope and grandeur, plays host to the spectacular Train Show that is truly a must see. The large greenhouses are transformed into a miniature, magical version of the city with hand crafted versions of actual building like Yankee Stadium and the Empire State Building made of natural materials like leaves, sticks and berries. These quaint and sometimes impressive little buildings, and bridges are nestled among lots of greenery and blooms.

Parents and children alike were delighted. It was one of the least disappointing excursions we've taken all year. I had been meaning to go since we moved here, but the slightly high cost, the distance, and the weather have always kept me at bay. I promise you all inconveniences that may be associated with the trip are well worth it. I was also extremely pleased to find that the twenty dollar admission included the rest of the gardens.

Make sure then to visit the library, the rain forest and cactus rooms, and explore as much of the grounds as are open in the winter.

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Posted on December 24, 2007

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