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Torcik WedlowskiTorcik Wedlowski may not specifically be a Christmas sweet, but after bringing it to my office secret Santa to the delight of co workers, I learnt it makes a really nice little gift. Tasting like a big grown up Kit Kat, it's layer upon layer of praline and wafer coated in dark chocolate then hand decorated. No two are the same and this little handcrafted bit of goodness is available at my local grocery store.

Ah, the many blessings of living in Greenpoint. You can also purchase it and a myriad of other chocolates from the land of pirogies and Zubrowka at our little Christmasy feel good chocolate shop Slodycze Wedel. They carry a similar wafer bar called “The Theatrical Wafer”.

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Posted on December 22, 2008

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