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tom jonesIt is a bit of a shock to see such a young Albert Finney in this bawdy, fun spirited adaptation of the controversial 1749 Henry Fielding novel.

My mother won tickets to this film and to Disneyland after winning a dance contest when she was a teen–I knew I got my dancing abilities from someone. Back in the day I was a top grinder, could do the running man with the best of them and my friend Bill and I could even do some two person synchronized routines that always ended in an over the head kick. I never received a prize however, but mom could have faired far worse with her's: Flipper and Eegah! were also released that year.

The movie tells the farcical tale of a bastard named Tom Jones who loves to make love and takes all the twists and turns of his wild life with a smile. The acting is charming from both Finney and the pretty Susannah York.

The plot may get a bit convoluted for those less familiar with the story, but the filmmaker's light hearted approach makes up for it. The cinematography is, at times, truly breathtaking and inventive. The fox hunt in particular stands out as a naturalistic piece of stunning filmmaking.

If only MGM held the movie in as much esteem. Unfortunately, the film was not restored with any care at all. The day for night scenes are nearly unwatchable as they are so dark and the sound is a mess. I rarely complain about the DVD transfer of a film, so you know it's bad.

Still, this is a rollicking good time and a great afternoon watching, just keep your fingers crossed that someone restores it to it's former glory. It's a Best Picture winner, for goodness sake, give it some respect.

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Posted on May 7, 2007

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