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time after timeI have loved Time After Time ever since I was a little kid so, that being said, it may seem quaint and even campy if you don't have the sentimental attachment that I do, but I saw it more recently and I still think it stands as a fun, inventive mystery-comedy-thriller.

Malcolm McDowell (be still my heart) plays H.G. Wells who has succeeded in building a working time machine, only to see it used by Jack the Ripper, played by the gloriously villainous David Warner (be still my heart again). Both find themselves in the modern world (which was 1979 at the time), where they meet Mary Steenbergen (be still… well actually nevermind).

Wells bumbles in confusion and awe at the new world while the Ripper settles right into the violence of the age. This is a super fun movie to watch, perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.

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Posted on October 23, 2006

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