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tim walkerI haven't been so immediately inspired and taken with anything as much as Tim Walker's photographs in ages. It sparked an entirely new project for me, a new website that you'll hear about here as soon as it's up.

I have seen and loved his soft, eclectic, whimsical and very British?images that have captured my attention before: girls flying kites, brightly colored Persian cats, the fashionable version of princess and the pea.. but only recently when a co worker (Terrance, you'll meet him in this week's place to visit below) was hawking I Love Pictures, a Tim Walker book, did I get overwhelmed with the complete body of his exquisite work.

Walker, who is totally adorable, is based in London, (of course) and once assisted the phenomenal Richard Avedon. His photos can be seen in most major fashion magazines.

I am in love love love love!! He's been a lightning bolt of inspiration.

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Posted on March 17, 2008

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