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Tim and Eric, the innovative comedians you have read about here before with Tom Goes to the Mayor and Awesome Show, Great Job! have done it again. On Superdeluxe, you can see all episodes of the streaming talk show Nite Live. It's their take on the late night genre, though despite a jazzy title sequence, it's more cable access folly than Entertainment Tonight.

I love cable access and NY1 style amateur programming, so Nite Live makes me very happy. Special guests that you will recognize from their other shows make appearances like the rosy cheeked, sequined James Quall, the bizarro songster David Liebe Hart, and the good natured old man Richard Dunn. Our old favorite Zach Galifianakis is there too and new favorite Doug Lussenhop as “DJ Douggpound” is brilliant.

There is talk about Papa John's pizza, comedy contests between a man and a little boy, a Tom Cruise impersonator, a party to celebrate their third show, and a beard growing challenge, and this is just within the first three episodes.

It's a loose, experimental project and one you can tell they are having a great time with. It broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm and if you have Skype (which we do for World of Warcrafting) you can try to get on as a guest caller.

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Posted on March 10, 2008

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