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Here's what I said then:

As you know, I was very, very, very excited for the Live Tim and Eric Awesome Tour Show–I'm very, very, very happy to report that it did not disappoint. The show was held in the really odd Highline Ballroom, a theater within a Western Beef, which I imagine was super amusing to Tim and Eric. It's kind of like a beat Miami club (or at least me idea of a beat Miami club), if that club ran out of nearly every ingredient required to make the cocktails on their menu. Like VIPs we nabbed a booth to watch the show from, a great idea since not only could be see everything clearly, but we could see the show in comfort?And what a show it was!

DJ Douggpound opened and blew our minds. His puns “spoiler alert!” “word play!”; his remixes of NPR sound bites; his pick-up lines like, “Damn, girl you shit with that ass?”; his knock-knock jokes: “Who's there?” “Yahoo.com”; and his endlessly repeated bad Fm radioy introduction IN THE MIX–they all combined to eclipse the crowd's anticipation of the main show. One of the best opening acts I've witnessed.

As for the main event, I won't give too many surprises away (they even ask for us not to take photos, so future kids seeing the live show can be experience the magic themselves), but rest assured that lots of crowd favorites make an appearance (like Casey and his brother and Papa John's biggest fans). The costumes are fantastic, not only the more elaborate ones, like a burger costume that just allowed Erics tightie whitey goods to show–but absolutley no one can wear a pair of pleated pants (even the butt pockets had pleats!) at just the right totally wrong spot on the belly like my new buddy Tim Heidecker can.

There's also a slew of videos icluding the best Dr. Steve Brule clip I've seen, David Liebe Hart acting weird, new Beaver Boys, and a music video about cheating hearts called sexual something.

After the show they were both hanging out on stage talking to soft spoken and adoring fans. Tim had a smaller crowd around him, I think because he seems like he'd be meaner, so I waved to him and he waved back. I told people I knew him and that made it okay for me to plow my way through the throngs of Adult Swimmers to nab this fab photo. Tim and I… this could be the beginning of best friends forever type relationship.

If the show comes to your town GO! They wanted to make the kind of comedy show that they'd want to see, and they succeeded in creating a show that any fan of their work would be crazy to miss.

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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