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thriller prison videoThey say idle hands are the Devil's playthings but it seems that could be amended to say idle hands are the Devil's playthings unless you have a Michael Jackson LP and the will and desire to perform large scale choreographed dance routines. In that case, the idleness of a life sentence behind bars might just looks like an opportunity for practice, practice, practice.

This video shows such a jovial scene, one that could be rewritten into a Cedric the Entertainer and Adam Sandler comedy vehicle, where the crazy idea “that just might work” is to stage a dance routine from jail to prove their innocence. Of course, in reality, these prisoners are drug dealers, rapists, and the head choreographer is a mass murderer (for real).

The performances, rather than outbursts of creativity are actually mandatory, the brain child of the prison overseer Byron Garcia. He's been using dance as a form of exercise for the inmates (they have also performed Sister Act and Jailhouse Rock). The results in the prison have been staggering, there are no fights breaking out, and many of the prisoners feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Maybe it could be rewritten into a feel good comedy after all. You think I'm joking, but I'd put money down that there is more than one script floating around.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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