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three philosophersJim and I enjoyed our 4th as total shut-ins: snacking all day, watching TV, and trying some new brews–I absolutely have to give credit to my recent beer and cheese tasting for broadening my beer horizons. I used to shy away from all sorts of types, color, and looks of beers, worrying that anything darker than a Hefeweizen (aside from a Guinness) would be too bitter.

Now I'm more adventurous and so we tried the offerings from Ommegang brewery, a Belgian style New York brew house. We tried the Hennepin, the Ommegan, along with this one. All were good, but Three Philosophers was exceptional. It's a very drinkable, very (warning!) strong beer, with a slight cherry flavor that's not too sweet or overwhelming.

We bought out the rest of the grocery store a couple nights later when we brought them to (another) wii night at our friends. Everyone was a fan.

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Posted on July 16, 2007

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