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portishead 3rdby Portishead (2008)

Third was the first Portishead album in a decade, and while it retains the sensibilities of the band as I remember them, the album manages to feel new and excitingly different as well. I was never a huge fan of the band, but enjoyed their spacey dark hits when they would play on college radio stations or MTV, usually accompanied by visually stunning videos. I became aware of this release when it played in the background of a lovely paella meal at Mercat Negre. It reminded us a bit of Amon Duul II, so we were surprised to hear it was Portishead. Since listening to it more, the album reminds me less of the kraut rock band than it did originally, but unlike the connotations of 90’s trip hop I associate with the band, this album certainly has a moody, almost psychedelic vibe.

Third was both a critical and comercial success and made many short lists for the best albums of its year.


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Posted on January 10, 2010

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