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theraflu nighttime severe cold and coughA couple weeks ago I was totally flattened out by that nasty cold that's going around. I missed brunches, birthdays, meeting up with old friends and work because of it. In short it was very sad, and I was not happy about it one bit.

What was even worse though, was the horrible prospect of having to drink the dreaded Theraflu. I promised Jim I would, since I know it helps, but it's got to be the worst tasting thing on the planet.

He promised that the brand had a whole new flavor and while rolling my eyes at him enthusiasm and holding my nose, I took a sip…

And you would never believe me if I told you – but you owe it to yourself for the next time you're sick to believe me. Theraflu actually tastes fine now! Oh, the world's topsy turvy and I managed through my cold with less suffering because of it.

The yummy ones are the new “Honey Lemon Infused with Chamomile & White Tea Flavors” for night time severe cold and flu and the daytime “Berry Infused with Menthol and Green Tea” all others are suspect.

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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