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the young onesSure, lots of sitcoms “push the boundaries”, but is there really another show you could honestly attach the word anarchist to? Four students attending Scumbag College, Rick “The People’s Poet” (a pompous twit), Vyvyan Basterd (the deranged punk), Neil Pye (the defeated hippie) and Mike the cool person (not a actually all that cool) are roommates in a filthy flat back in the heyday of Thatcher’s England. Every character is an idiot and a horrible, horrible person – but this show is truly hilarious, especially to dudes in college.

Violent and mean spirited, it wallows in squalor and fuses high brow surreal antics with the basest comedy imaginable. Marxist comedian Alexei Sayle, whose bits I never quite wrapped my head around, plays a host of characters, notably the landlord, but other well known comedians pop up as well. And it’s got the best closing music ever!

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Posted on December 8, 2008

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