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Used Books Every year I do what I call a book drive, which is a complete misnomer as the only people that benefit are myself, Jim, and a few friends that borrow my books.

More accurately, I purchase about forty used books from Amazon to sate our reading for the year. I've only had one book not arrive in the three years I have been doing it. Although, to be forthcoming, a friend of mine had a terrible experience when a book she ordered arrived with a pore strip attached. Not cool.

Still, you can get most books for mere pennies and a flat rate of ($3.49) for shipping with the convenience of on line shopping, including my favorite — The Wish List. This allows me to keep a list throughout the year of books friends have mentioned or I've read about and don't want to forget.

The best benefit is that you do not have to wade through dusty confusing bookshelves to find what you want, yet you are still not going corporate and putting mom and pop bookstores out of business. The used books come from books shops all over the world.

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Posted on November 27, 2006

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