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the stoned crow nycWhile the front bar of The Stoned Crow looks like any around NYU and the large back room is very college dorm in its decor with walls filled with magazine pages, Fear and Loathing posters and even chains of red Christmas lights dangling about, it's location, off the beaten path of the heart of NYU drunkery and some great food and drinks makes it absolutely perfect for certain occasions.

For example, have you ever had to organize a big group of an uncertain number, some of which want to eat, some who only want to grab a drink? Tall order, right? Not too many places can satisfy without giving up something in the deal. But here, the price is right (after a long night we each only owed thirty dollars), there is Sixpoint on tap and it's included in their happy hour (a dollar off), and the burgers, from Jaime Saucedo who once worked at Corner Bistro are actually really tasty. No one that stands in line for that classic spot though seems to know this fact because the place didn't really fill up until after ten and even then, just barely.

When lots of bars can barely sit a couple, let alone a group, this is a rare find in the city and the fact that the food isn't terrible at all and the crowd isn't horrible makes it even more impressive.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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