Laughs »The Sound of Thousands of Screaming Tweens

jonas brothers apple store concertThe Jonas Brothers played a show at the Apple Store. All day tweens lined up around the block and at around six the screaming started (a full two hours before the show). You just can't have that many excitable girls together at once and not expect a wave of girlish noise, but this was awesomely insane.

It sounded like fanatical lip glossed, mini skirted, smiling brace faced, innocent, overpowering young longing. It sounded like the best summer you can ever remember when you still screamed at the top of your lungs for things you didn't even know were cheesy yet.

Also, it's just nice in the city to hear a wild mob of screaming that you don't have to be afraid of.

I went by after work to take an up close look. There were a few girls nearly in tears and lots of awesome signs including the one pictured that reads “I Am Ashamed Of What I Would Do 2 Meet The Jonas Brothers“.

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Posted on August 18, 2008

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