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slaughtered lambThere are few cheesier and more touristy spots than The Slaughtered Lamb that are this fun in New York, let alone the West Village. Our waitress seemed puzzled by our presence there, and even more puzzled when I asked if it was okay that I had not reserved a table. I understood her confusion when I realized the place was empty, and it remained empty throughout our dinner and many drinks.

Now, I can not recommend it for its food, but my friends happily imbibed many Full Moon Ales from their impressively large beer menu. But the whole point of a visit is the ambiance with its fake corpses, “creepy” portraits and a life size model of a werewolf and his sexy prey.

I hear this place actually fills up with frat boy types and tourists on the weekends, and that is too frightening, even for me.

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Posted on October 30, 2006

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