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photo-2At the corner of Leonard and Richardson Streets in Brooklyn

An upscale cocktail bar with signature concoctions isn’t exactly what Williamsburg is hurting for, but when it’s as inviting and delicious as The Shanty, it’s more than welcome.

The menu demands tough choices (it all sounds tempting) but so far, everything friends and I have tried has been good enough to recommend. There’s a new seasonal menu already up on their site since my last visit, though, ┬áso I can’t direct you to the exact wonderful concoction I enjoyed.

The main reason the drinks here are special is that the bar is actually secondary to the attached distillery run by a team of booze experts. It churns out the Perry’s Tot and Dorothy Parker gins used in the drinks which are also available at local shops.

While your likely to rub shoulders with more than one spirits snob, at least you know your in the right place to get a fantastic cocktail, possibly the best in the area.

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Posted on January 22, 2013

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