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scarecrow movie guideThe scope and breadth of the knowledge possessed by the Scarecrow Video staff dwarfs my own knowledge of weird, unique, hard to find, classic, essential, and interesting movies. That's why I adore this book so, so much. I can just sit and mark off all the B-movies, action flicks, thrashers, foreign classics, exploitation, and unusual films of all sorts that I must see.

Scarecrow is a legendary video store in Seattle. Honestly, the best movie guide I have ever owned. It is clear they have actually seen all the movies they review whether they be the Steven Segal masterpieces where he plays a Chinese archaeology professor or the a Jodorowsky film with crazy imagery.

They have searched high and low for high and low brow movies and anyone with a love for movies benefits from their obsession.

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Posted on May 21, 2007

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