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As is our yearly tradition, today we traveled to the New York woods for the Renaissance Faire. There was glorious weather, costumes galore, and plenty of beers enjoyed in the shaded forest with bestest friends.

Perhaps because of the sunshine, the place was packed with revelers and the money they've racked in has been put to good use. The usual spots, like one of our favorite places in all of New York to beer it up, The Blue Boar and shopping stalls like M'Ladies Panties, shone in a new coat of paint, while other attractions, like the rotten tomato toss and the huge traveling bell machine were brand new.

Jim splurged on some amazing completely customized moccasins from Catskill Mountain Moccasins. They make an actual cast of the foot and take several months to complete the shoes by hand. Shaun and Mike were a bit more conservative with their spending and went home with a souvenir mug and a skull crystal on a rope.

But the fair is more than the souvenirs you go home with, it's an experience that you really should try if you haven't already. The last weekend of the season is coming up, so get your tickets (buy online for discounted prices), throw back some mead, and enjoy a joust or two before it closes!

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Posted on September 14, 2009

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