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principal's office truTVOh truTV, with your wordy new non-catchy catch phrase (Not reality. Actuality) and your leggy Dayle Hinman, I just about thought you had given me all the true crime goodies you had (which believe me, is plenty and I me adore you). I though I has you all figured out (new shows like Speeders and Most Shocking for the younger demos, Suburban Secrets and the Investigators for women like myself), you go and pull off a magnificent stunt like The Principal's Office.

A reality–I'm sorry: actuality show about kids going to the principal's office and getting in trouble is unmitigated genius. In the first episode we met the smirking, nerdily charming Tony, a kid who can't help himself from getting into goofy trouble. After being called into?Principal Sheninger's office (the hottest of the disciplinarians–who I know for a fact my friend Dana would have been in love with if he'd been principal of Cheyenne Mountain High), Tony is reminded of previous offenses, like the time he pole danced on the flag pole and when he fell onto second base and started humping it. His offense this time? Shaking his butt and pinching his nipples in class while calling his teacher “beautiful”. God, I love this show!

There's also the principal in rural Arkansas who paddles teenage girls (it's optional, not mandatory–but still?!); the awesome lady in Danbury who Jim and I think is actually the most effective administrator, and a super nice guy in Ohio. Oh, and there are amazing bitchy Jersey girls in every episode!

It makes me think about the strange era we live in. I mean, can you imagine if the bad kids in your school wound up on national television when sent to the pricipal's office?

Mike Holstien could have been a household name, perhaps even spinning off his own show. He was the kid who landed me in hot water back in 6th grade and accompanied me on my one and only principal's office visit for authoring a terribly dirty MASH game with Holly Brindisi (awesomely bad girl friend with extraordinary big bangs) and myself. I recall one category was “what injuries were sustained during intercourse” (though it was probably worded less eloquently). One of the options was “bust a nut”, a phrase I didn't even understand but I think I was familiar with from perhaps an Eazy-E song? Either way, I'll never forget it and I got in serious trouble with my mom that day?whew, memories. Just imagine if it were all caught on camera?!

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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