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the paisley bird s marie alice cooperI am in full swing of my frugal summer but still, you can't blame me for wanting to buy a few of these spectacularly odd and awesome rock buttons from The Paisley Bird Mod Boutique. Plus, at only $3 a pop, it's hardly an extravagance.

I am eagerly awaiting my Peter Murphy, Alice Cooper, Queen, Brian Eno, and Donovan pins that are sure to impress any glam rock nerd or retro teen i might encounter.

Found while looking up Alice Cooper information (what else would I do with my Sunday?), these mesmerizing buttons have really got a hold?on me and i can't shake them. They are created by a young artist lady from Colorado who goes by the name S. Marie and has great taste (Alice Cooper, Siouxsie Sioux, Ray Bradbury, 60s flocked wallpaper…)

Sadly the current links to her painted LPs and creature dolls only link to her skeleton fashion pants. But here is a page with some of her LPs for looking.

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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