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Paper LacePaper Lace was a one hit wonder (well two hit in the UK) and their reign at the top of the charts seems so inconsequential that's entry feels like a throw away forced upon a mopey intern. But they are still the most famous band to come out of Nottingham, so that must count for something.

“The Night” is a very odd song musically and lyrically – it is almost totally made up – which makes it even odder. It tells the tale of a cop's family coping with a Capone led riot in Chicago – that never really happened. Making the whole thing even odder are the outfits Paper Lace continually donned.

You start to get the feeling that the band was in fact made of aliens who came to earth with an old tape of Scarface just to see what it was like to be famous, decided they didn't like it and headed home. Who knows maybe they were the most famous band to come out of Tatooine too.

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Posted on June 5, 2006

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