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nyc ballet workoutI used to do The New York City Ballet Workout a lot last year, when it seemed I to have more time. I am excited to start again, because it is both relaxing and challenging.

The rigorous routine begins with Standing Warm Up exercises, which get your body prepared with stretching, the second segment is floor barre, where abs and buns and put through a pretty tough workout similar to pilates, the third section consists of classic ballet steps, the fourth section is more complex and challenging ballet steps, and you finally end with the Reverence, or cool down. You will be sore but feel great by the end of it.

Words like “Tendu” and “Plies” become incredibly soothing filtered through the narration of Peter Martins with beautiful classical music accompanying. There are a couple flaws with the instruction, so it will take a few times to get comfortable with all the exercises.

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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