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monkey wrench gang edward abbeyMy Jr. High English teacher gave me a tip about The Monkey Wrench Gang. He was the one who had us reading Boulle, Camus, and Vonnegut, so I eagerly took his advice and bought this beautiful hard bound, Robert Crumb illustrated edition. That Crumb and Abbey were good friends does not surprise, both have a clear dislike of the destruction of the American landscape for commercial development.

This novel, about a ragtag group of environmental warriors hell bent on causing mayhem for construction builders, developers and ignorant fools, was a controversial hit when it was published. The book's direct call to arms led to real life revolt, actually inspiring a group calling themselves Earth First! and coining a new term for environmental sabotage: “monkey wrenching“. It's a very stimulating read where the hippies are bad ass and the action is abundant.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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