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Marc Jacobs CollectionUsually a show only takes a fifteen minutes, but when you wait over an hour, it turns into a longer event–but some things are worth waiting for.

There is more than one type of love, and if the fact that my racks of clothes are practically edging us out of house and home doesn't make it clear, for the record, I have a love for fashion. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to accompany my friend Laura to the Marc Jacobs collection (she designs for the Marc line and is one of the reasons said line is so awesome). It was a singular experience. The throng of paparazzi that greeted us at the entrance (but made little to no fuss over us nobodies) was truly insane.

Even more insane? The people watching: Rod Stewart (who honestly caused the biggest stir–they still think he's sexy and they still want his body), Michelle Rodriguez with her house arrest ankle bracelet, Anna Wintour with Harry Connick Jr. (who looked suspiciously like a highly paid callboy), Helena Christensen, with who we first identified with Skeet Ulrich but retracted after recalling an article that said she was dating some other semi-famous guy, and Lil' Kim (ankle bracelet free). Yes, there was celebrity sightings to be had, although to my surprise and horror no Jimmy Fallon! Has he really fallen so far so fast??

But the real excitement was the show itself. The red curtains parted to reveal a stunning scene of behatted models on a oversized white stage with huge doors and pillars. In an instant everyone forgot the show's delay and broke out into gasps and applause. A stream of classic, sophisticated clothes followed (many of which do not have their justices served by the online photographs). I was so happy to witness one of the best Marc Jacobs collections in years and fell in love all over again. Isn't it grand?

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Posted on February 12, 2007

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