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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the LaneAn unassuming and quiet treasure that we stumbled across on TCM. Part one act play, part after school special, and part thriller, this film is more than worth a look. Not only for a young, exceptional, and amoral Jodie Foster, but Martin Sheen appears as a genuinely creepy perv and there's a brilliant performance by Alexis Smith as his nosy mother and Jodie's landlord, who cackles great waspy lines like “Just because he's a poet, your father thinks he doesn't have to live like normal people” after she sees the furniture has been moved around her rental property.

But the most amazing character of all is Marco, the limping high school magician, played by Scott Jacoby, a character that I not only fell head over heels for, but one that Jim and I would have created for one of our scripts. Underrated and under seen, help pluck this sleeper from obscurity by renting it today, or watch for it on TCM.

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Posted on January 8, 2007

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