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the it crowd bbc tv showLike many television shows airing in Britain, The IT Crowd boasts a great cast, creator and writers, and you will probably never get to see it. I can never underplay the wasted opportunity BBC America is. With so many great comedies in particular being produced over there, they will still never air them here.

The IT Crowd is so popular in its home country that they even attempted an “Office” like American remake, which was to star Joel McHale. Sadly it feel through the writer strike cracks. NBC will instead be bringing you new episodes of Lipstick Jungle! Yaaaaechh.

You can find this show occasionally format for our region DVDs (season one only) and both season on region 2. Once again,?I encourage all to get an all region DVD player to enjoy the fruits of other countries comedy labors. In this case Graham Lineham, who created the most excellent Father Ted, tackles the world of nerds.

Roy and Moss are the IT department for a corporation, sequestered to the basement and generally ignored, feared, or ostracized by the regular workers above. Their regimented world is thrown for a loop when a frantic woman who knows absolutely nothing about computers becomes head of their department. It's a brilliant concept, and the show nearly lives up to the premise.

The supporting cast is particularly strong. Real geniuses like Chris Morris and Noel Fielding (playing a goth!) are superb. Richard Ayoade, who you might have already fallen for like I have in Garth Marenghi and AD/BC a Rock Opera is also pitch perfect as the nervous IT guy, NAME. Jim and I both had some problems totally enjoying the other main characters Roy and Jen, however, which makes this a show that had to grow on us over the six episodes.

It's also a show whose hilarity you appreciate even more when you think back on it. Still, for it's flaws I think you'll agree that The IT Crowd is the kind of comedy there should be more of.

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Posted on May 26, 2008

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