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The Humpty DanceNo, I don't mean this in an ironic way. I listen to this song at work, in the subway… anywhere–and not just to get a nostalgic laugh at parties, although it works for that too. Not only was it a staple in my brief life as a preteen grinder, but today it stands as a wonderful piece of clever music.

That's right, I said clever. The humor in this song was way ahead of its time and as a side note, I'm still astounded that the line “in the 69 my humpty nose will tickle your rear” was unedited for radio airplay. All the lines are memorable and hilarious, after all, who among us has not had visions of “getting busy in a Burger King bathroom” as one of our first forays into the world of sexual imagination? Seriously one of my favorite songs. Seriously.

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Posted on March 5, 2007

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