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hanson brothers slap shotNot to be confused with the Oakie teenie boppers, these Hanson Brothers are all about busting heads and drawing blood. The center piece of the beloved underdog sports movie Slap Shot, the brothers are over-zealous child-like hockey dudes that bring fame and attention to Paul Newman's failing west Pennsylvania team. Every time they're on screen, whether picking a fight with a snack machine, yelling in the locker room, or just playing with toy cars, I couldn't help but laugh. While the film is more of an underground classic, it's known and loved by most anyone that's seen it.

The brothers were played by the real life Carlson brothers, Steve and Jeff. Third brother Jack's hockey career conflicted with shooting and Dave Hanson, whose pro hockey nickname was “Killer”, got the gig.

If you too are a fan, local designer and Brix Picks fave Built By Wendy was inspired by the characters and made this awesome tee with emblazoned with their visages.

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Posted on July 13, 2009

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