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Female rock stars. A girl’s whole life can change if she’s got some good ones to look up to. My sister and I invented parallel lives in our fantasies which culminated in a combination of The Bangles and Barbies. But before that we had The Go-Go’s.

They embraced the best of the 80’s fashions. Neon, poofy skirts, wild hair, off the shoulder tops (honestly was there anything I aspired to wear to feel more grown up as a child?), they flaunted bold patterns and even managed to pull off suspenders, overalls and pleated pants which was (and still is, ladies!) nearly impossible.

They were second only to Cyndi Lauper and maybe Madonna in solidifying our interest in fashion.

Jim has always had a major crush on Belinda while Van has recently taken quite a shine to the song Vacation. So they’re still a part of my life decades later.

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Posted on June 28, 2012

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