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totally sweet zoo to the Sung Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island is actually a great place for day trips with quirky, neat little spots. Snug Harbor, for instance is somewhat odd, it feels like a idyllic gated off corner of the past, kind of Twilight Zone-y. We spent a good part of the day last weekend in the complexes many gardens and took more photos of flowers that you could possibly be interested in.

There is a classic greenhouse, a row of beautiful 1880 town homes now used for artist residencies, a healing garden that stands as a living memorial to 9/11, an herb, white, perennial, and potager gardens, a secret garden that looks like a castle but as far as their gardens go, the scholar Chinese garden is the most impressive and the only of its kind in the united states.

We plan to return on a less outdoorsy day to explore the rest of this 83 acre spot that includes a a glass house, a children's museum, a maritime collection, a model barn and farm and a playhouse.

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Posted on September 29, 2008

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