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the english beatAfter a recent reviewing of the video for Mirror in the Bathroom this band's biggest hit in the US, I noticed something – Ranking Roger – one of the lead singers of The English Beat was way, way cute. Still a looker, though resembling something that crawled out of the matrix, he and the marvelously be-hatted Saxa were responsible for giving the two tone ska revivalists a Jamaican edge to their music. He has continued to create music, forming General Public which contributed to the Threesome soundtrack, a claim to fame no one should be particularly proud of. Does anyone else remember how god awful that Baldwin/Flynn Boyle vehicle was?

But it isn't fair to pour all my accolades on Ranking, the entire group has style and date-able faces. David Steele and Andy Cox look like the men I see in bars and am instinctively afraid of and captivated by their manly, wiry, socially repressed aggression. While the pretty faced Dave Wakeling looks a bit more like the one at the bar scribbling in a notebook. Everett Moreton reminds me of Lando Calrissian, sigh.

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Posted on December 17, 2007

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