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dove parlorNo one can deny the charm of this basement parlor: tea cups and flocked damask wall paper are almost beyond quaint. On a fine half work day, after my first Shake Shack burger of the year, with the front windows thrown open and the breeze coming in, sitting in the not yet crowded spot made me feel at peace and right with the world after a rotten day at work.

Few places can take you to that place before a drink is even served, but this is one of them. Not that Dove doesn't have a few quirks to work out: some of the fancier drinks could use a few tweaks to reach perfection, The May Garden (a truly savory drink of cucumber, gin, dill and salt) was overwhelmingly, tongue tinglingly unsweet by the end and the Honey Dove was less complex than I was hoping with its promising mix of cognac, honey and vanilla soy milk.

Still, I'd be willing to drink through lots of these minorly flawed items to find their best drinks, especially when they're priced so reasonably at happy hour (six dollars versus nine).

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Posted on June 4, 2007

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