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dosa cartWhat could be more free spirited than running a street cart and truly being independent of he hassles of a 24/7 shop. New York Magazine has a pretty in-depth article on our local food purveyors that's pretty interesting and worth a read, it was there that I found out about The Dosa Cart (number 16 on their top 20 carts).

There will be a line when you go (unless you are very lucky), but it moves quickly. Thiru Kumar, the owner, has a mega moustache to be proud of and his food is equally impressive. Costing much less than other local dosa places (Hampton Chutney, you disappointed me) there are more options than most carts.

You can get different kinds of dosas, savory pancakes, and noodles, among many other appetizers and meals. I opted for the classic Masala Dosa: a crispy rice and lentil crepe stuffed with onions and potatoes, and a vegetable roll. My only complaint is that I probably picked the wrong combo, the starter and main dish were very similar. Everything comes with a coconut chutney and a lentil soup. Both are good, but the chutney is way beyond good–an excellent topper to the dosa.

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Posted on July 2, 2007

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