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Diamond BarJim and I were eager and excited to try The Diamond (named after David Lee Roth) on their announced opening date and found it closed. We had been hoodwinked–and we didn't return for months. It's not that we really hold grudges, it just kind of slipped our minds for a while, despite its conveniently close proximity to our home. Once we finally made it there we had such a nice experience that it certainly won't be so long between visits next time.

It's a beer snob bar without the snobbery. The bartender (also the owner), Dave Pollack, was cheerful, efficient and very helpful and knowledgeable. Other places that specialize in specialty beer could and should take notes, especially Pollack's former home Spuyten Divel where, despite a great selection, everyone I know has received rotten treatment from a snotty bartender (clearly not Pollack). Diamond Bar also has a well thought out outdoor space and a warm glowing interior with a shuffleboard game that young men constantly swarm around. It can get crowded, I am told, but on week days it's just off the beaten track enough to avoid wall to wall obnoxiousness. A greatly appreciated, lovely addition to the neighborhood.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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