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pink floyd dark side of the moonContinuing the week of sadness, Pink Floyd keyboardist and vocalist Richard Wright died and seeing as I have never recommended one of their albums in this forum, I thought it was time. See the thing that's kept me from writing about Dark Side of the Moon, their defining work, is that really, it's all been said. I love the album, I think it's one of the most amazing albums ever made from beginning to end but people far more eloquent than me have been praising it for decades. It's the third highest selling album of all time and always makes the top best albums of all time lists.

Everyone's experience with the album is very different and no one forgets the first time they got into it. For many people this involved basement rooms with record players and drugs, my own was much less cool. I was older when I finally heard the entire album having always been misguided in high school into thinking Floyd was strictly a kind of hippie, stoner band, a band I would probably never like. That all changed when I was driving in Providence and a station played Dark Side all the way through. I just kept driving so I could hear it all and like everyone ever before me and after, in a way my life changed.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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