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the curious sofaI can't tell you how much Edward Gorey's Mystery! introduction thrilled me as a kid – my sister and I, after dozens and dozens of studied viewings, got the handkerchief wailing toss down pat. Gorey's books and style are completely unique and singularly devious, so you can imagine the naughtiness and eventual savagery he might bring to the table working under an alias on a book for adults only.

I actually came across The Curious Sofa during one of those vague childhood recollections that lead you on a wild goose chase. I remember being totally enthralled with a slightly dirty picture book… maybe even a pop up book? At that age I was interested in anything that had to do with the forbidden subject of sex (even though I only had vaguest notions of what it was), and I even remember specifically wanting to see The Man with Two Brains because he said the word in an ad. Anyway, all I can recall were twenties style drawings, the color pink, and tits in a bubble bath.

Ends up that the delightfully wicked Curious Sofa, while a wonderful find, was not the book of my distant memories, but a notable and funny book rife with Gorey's signature style, wit, innuendo and mystery. With nary a single pornographic image (as hinted at in the books subtitle, “A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary”) it still manages to point your imagination into dark, frisky, and sometimes disturbing corners.

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Posted on July 13, 2009

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