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Cubby HoleI was expecting to take a lesbian home, or at least, to have the offer on the table, but to my amazement this bar (voted best lesbian bar in NYC by New York Magazine) was almost void of the L word. In their place were gay men who could not stop staring like hungry animals at my admittedly handsome male friends. It was disconcerting, mostly because I assumed it may be one night where I might get a wink or two.

The bar itself has a friendly vibe and works well as a night cap after a bratwurst feast at Lederhosen. The ceiling is a three dimensional explosion of under the sea themed prom madness. The beers are average price and the specials menu includes lots of double entendres and more blatant names like Blue Balls. On weeknights it's pretty mellow but on Friday and Saturday it's tighter than [insert your own cubby hole joke here]. We tried once on a Friday and couldn't even fit in their cubby hole. That's what she said.

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Posted on April 2, 2007

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