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Crosby ConnectionHere lies the spot previously reserved for Mesa Grill, the Bobby Flay spot I had been looking forward to dining at for weeks. In a word: underwhelming! I've had worse: the food itself was okay, but okay is not okay at their prices. I felt cheated by the end of the night and wondered why the place took a month to book a table.

So in its place is a spot that gets it right in all the ways Bobby failed me. First, you never have to get a table, there are none. Second, the Fair price: one sandwich, thickly stuffed will last you two lunches and it only costs $6, plus $1 for tip. Third, a low profile: this literal hole in the wall is run by a former cop and a really nice guy who's missing some teeth and still looks better than Flay.

The atmosphere is literally non existent, there is a tiny sliver of a doorway sized kitchen and a fold out table, but compared to the forced Santa Fe themed mess of Mesa, (they actually painted lovely pre war columns bright green, mustar, and red), a folding table seems quite nice. Fourth, fresh, BOLD flavors: We were all surprised by the lack of kick at Mesa. Connection, however, surprises the pallet with unusual combinations – dill and apple with turkey, pear and smoked gouda with ham.

I usually do not use this blog to air my grievances, but when a sandwich from the corner beats a meal that cost me 75 dollars, my voice must be raised!

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Posted on March 12, 2007

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