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code of the woosters p.g. wodehouseAs an enormous fan of the charming Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry television series, I've been meaning to read one of the beloved P.G. Wodehouse books that inspired it. Finally I decided on Code of the Woosters, which is not the beginning of the series, but considered by many fans to be the best.

It may take those unfamiliar with the characters and previous plot lines a little bit to settle into the book since it references madcap mishaps and humorous characters from previous adventures, but once you get yourself lost in the world of Bertie Wooster, truly hair-brained delights await.

Wooster is a cherished figure in British lit, a bumbling but unintentionally funny aristocrat constantly embroiled in silly plots like the principle story line in this book (pushy aunt Agatha pressures him steal a cow shaped milk creamer from her neighbors), Wooster turns to his far more dignified and intelligent valet, Jeeves, to bail him out of his many twisting, turning catastrophes.

The TV series is as good as the book, a rare feat as we all know, but there's a certain pleasure in the witty words on page. Don't let fear of the old fashioned phase you; as formulaic and neatly tied up as the plots get, and as quaint as the world depicted is, I was thoroughly amused and would laugh aloud at certain lines. I'm excited to delve into more of the duo's adventures.

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Posted on February 23, 2009

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