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Buffy the Vampire slayer Theme by The Breeders The Deal girls must be big Buffy fans just like me, you can really feel their passion for the trials and tribulations of Sunnydale's hero in this fast and furious cover of the theme song. The original version, by Nerf Herder, was chosen after Joss Whedon was disappointed in the professional theme songs he was offered and Alison Hannigan suggested he listen to the band. Play it loud before you watch this weeks' bonus TV pick, Without a Trace, maybe it will lull you into the delusion that you're about to see a clever, well written, exceptionally awesome show starring James Marsters, instead of a formulaic, under the radar procedural that isn't the one with Mandy Patinkin.

It's also good for playing loud at parties like I always make Shaun do, because, sorry Shaun–it's some of the only music he owns you can dance to. And dance we do, recalling all the demons, the tears, the heartbreak, and the awesomeness; only to remember that it's all over once the dancing's done.

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Posted on September 24, 2007

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