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Our recent Southern fried, stick to your bones meal at The Brooklyn Star was full of happy surprises and familiar comforting tastes.

With a menu split between small and big plates the four of us split four smalls, two bigs and left sated but not stuffed.

Oh and we also got the piping hot bacon jalapeno cornbread. An appropriate intro to what was to come. Definitely a must.

Next came a fresh lemony kale salad that even veggiephobes will rave about, a nice oyster taco (which was good but not extraordinary), and spicy chicken wings that went beyond the usual pub fare with a smoky sweetness and plump meaty wings.

The biggest surprise on the small plates was the beef tongue served two ways. I have only known the dish tp be thinly sliced and cold but the shredded pickled version and the tender grilled slab were eye opening and possibly the best bites of the night.

Big plates were excellent too. I kind of pulled for us to order the hulking chicken friend steak, a personal favorite thanks to my hometowns Barneys Diner but admittedly love shared by many and a bit of an acquired taste.Their tender version could definitely turn some skeptics though and made me very happy.

The roasted chicken was also pretty phenomenal. Brined and garlicky, it melted in our mouths and reinforced my idea that chicken is better left to the pros. In my hands, it turns dull and overcooked but at a good restaurant the roasted chicken will never disappoint.

Drinks, like a spicy margarita and a smoky old fashioned were great accompaniment.
and the atmosphere was friendly (the scent of apple cider and smiling staff greet you), candle lit (my photos are a bummer so look to flickr for better ones) and uncluttered.

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Posted on October 23, 2011

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