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Walton Ford Brooklyn MuseumCongrats to the curators of the Brooklyn Museum! Never have I heard so much buzz about the place and with three flashy, noteworthy and impressive shows up simultaneously, no wonder. Make sure you visit before the 28th, when my favorite of the three, Tigers of Wrath: Watercolors of Walton Ford, is taken down. This may be the least well known of the exhibits but the huge Audubon-esque watercolors are some of the most amazing paintings I have seen in years and nothing beats seeing them in person in their grand scale.

The most talked about exhibit is the grotesque and otherworldly Ron Mueck collection of large and small scale human replicas including twelve foot long new born baby and a 12 inch nude couple spooning. The lifelike qualities are extraordinary, especially the skin, which seems so eerily real that I had to look away at one point. The weakest but most popular is the Annie Leibowitz exhibit. I felt the structure of the show was messy and unfocused with a cluttered hallway of magazine clippings of some of the real photos on display, which I found an odd choice for use of space. Still many of the photos are striking, a very hot photo of Scarlett Johanson comes to mind. I hope the museum continues this excellency in curating.

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Posted on January 8, 2007

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