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aerosmith big onesWhen the cinematic Alicia Silverstone videos came out, you may have developed a crush on her, Liv Tyler, Stephen Dorff, or Jeremy London (or was it Jason?); you may also have been misled into believing that bungee jumping was cool (especially if it could somehow piss off your ex boyfriend); that sexy best friends actually enjoyed pole dancing if given half a chance; that you could fend off a mugger with sheer girl power; and that you could have sex on a motorcycle through virtual reality.

What you were not doing, at least if you're anyone I've talked to recently, was enjoying the inane late-period Aerosmith songs that played under the sexy/stupid images. I bought Big Ones (the title itself so stupid, with a nauseatingly stupid cover design to match) from one of those one penny for 10 CDs things in magazines, long after the band's coolness faded away completely. But they would prove that they could be even less cool when the time came to record “Don't Want to Miss a Thing” for Michael Bay's masterpiece Armageddon.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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