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the bear's famous invasion of sicily Told as an epic fable, Dino Buzzati's The Bear's Famous Invasion of Sicily is peppered with poetry and filled with charming illustrations, humor, imagination and pathos. Written as a children's book, it delves into some pretty complex themes like war, humanity, and death. Surely, in todays' overly cautious environment lots of people would find it too heavy for kids–but I think anyone (even adults) can enjoy this very special book.

Hats off to Harper Collins for reissuing this forgotten classic, and to Lemony Snicket for writing the introduction and very funny reader's companion that asks such questions as: “When you are kidnapped and forced into a theatrical life, what would be your least favorite stage name?”

Buzzatti wrote plays, poetry and novels during his career, most notably the existentialist classic, The Tartar Steppe.

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Posted on June 16, 2008

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