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the babysitters club tv showSince we're in a Babysitter's Club state of mind (see this week's website pick), it's only fair to mention the too often forgotten TV show based on the popular series of books. My family and I would watch this perfect example of earnest, nerdy, pre teen nearly-drama together, laughing and loving every minute.

I can still sing the theme song “say hello to your friends…” and I have to give major props to the casting. Love the girl they got to play Claudia and you couldn't have gotten a better round faced prude than the one they got to play the shy, Logan loved Maryanne. Also happy to report that the actress playing Kristy is appropriately gratingly annoying.

There was also a 1995 movie that I have not seen, but it features a slightly more slutted up cast, and for that reason, I can't quite get into the idea of seeing it. I prefer these young, awkward Canadians.

The movie is a bit easier to get a hold of however. Even though the TV show was released on VHS, the DVD revolution left it behind, but you can catch some snippets on youtube. It used to be replayed all through the nineties on HBO, The Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon, so I managed to probably see all thirteen episodes back in the day. If only I had them now.

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Posted on April 14, 2008

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