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Amato OperaThis tiny, charming place exceeded all my expectations. You will laugh and you will cry. In fact, like Astrid, you may do both at the same time when a projection of a bat dances across the stage curtain during the overture. Yes, Amato is the kind of place that uses slide projections, and if the tiny space, home made brownies and a t-shirt raffle during intermission don't clue you in, the goofy and fun production will: You are not at Lincoln Center. Expect an entirely different experience if you only know opera from more traditional venues.

The intimate experience, courtesy of Anthony Amato, the cutest little old man you could ever hope to see, is one I highly, highly recommend for both a fun introduction to opera and for a unique New York experience. Also try to go when this aweome Russian woman we saw (I can't remember her name, Jim thinks it's Zhianna) is performing. Her voice is beautiful, even if her thick accent makes it impossible to understand her. Our whole group was mesmerized by her goofiness and sultriness, a totally winning combination.

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Posted on January 15, 2007

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