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Never say never. Anyone whose ever said they'd never get their news from Fox has clearly never seen Teen Kids News. An ernest, teen-kid hosted program that delves into issues like bullying, vocab and summer vacations with hard hitting interviews with fellow teen-kids that almost invariably include the response “I don't know… it's just different”.

In the word game portion, maybe they should teach teen kids some alternate words for “different” rather than focusing on words like “irrigate” and “superfluous”. While I haven't enjoyed a half hour of television as much as this in forever, I can't imagine any teen-kid actually watching it voluntarily unless they want to learn from the master (anchor Mwanzaa) how to fulfill their parent's dreams of becoming the next Katie Couric or Morley Safer.

The network seems to acknowledge who their audience is, targeting invalids and pedophiles with commercials for Rascals and Just for Men throughout the program. It's really hard to pick a favorite anchor teen-kid, it's like picking a favorite among your own teen-kids, so I won't even begin to try.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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